• pinchvr2

Pinć VR (now PinchVR) is a smartphone case for iOS & Android that converts into a wearable virtual reality experience. The case, combined with a free companion app, brings what a user sees to life. Pinch is the first VR platform that fits in your pocket, allowing you to use your phone traditionally or as a virtual reality headset with integrated controllers. And, with a modest price tag of $99, it is also the first virtual reality product that is accessible to the every day consumer.

In November 2014, Cordon Media Inc., the creators of Pinch, approached Herscu & Goldsilver for help in launching the crowd-funding campaign for the product.

The challenge for Herscu & Goldsilver was to effectively persuade media in North America and abroad that this Toronto-based company, with very little share of voice or presence in the virtual reality space, was about to become “the biggest disruption in retail, entertainment, and communication since the Internet itself” (Simon Cohen, Venture Beat).

Within a day or two of meeting with Cordon Media Inc. Corey of Herscu & Goldsilver booked a flight to New York with founder Milan Baic where they met with The Wall Street Journal, Engadget, The Verge, and Gizmodo. Back in Toronto, they continued in-person briefings with The Globe and Mail, Tech Radar, Mobile Syrup, ITWorld Canada, Sun Media, Tom’s Guide, Venture Beat, BetaKit, Gizmodo, and Pocket Now. As a result of targeted outreach, Herscu & Goldsilver generated 25 million media impressions worldwide and helped position PinchVR as the global leader in virtual reality technology. The original campaign was 128 per cent funded on January 22, 2015.